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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that may guide you in finding out more about this industry.

What does Trade Approved mean?

In relation to all forms of weights, volumes and measurements, it is where certain instruments are manufactured to meet predetermined sets of strict performance (accuracy) standards. This is done so that all parties involved in a trading transaction based on any of the above will known that a predetermined level of accuracy of measurement will be meet when a Trade Approved instrument is being used.

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At a Federal level, the National Measurements Institute (NMI) is the Federal government body that sets and regulates the standards. It also tests all new instruments of measurement to be used in trading, whether it is an instrument to determine weight (scales), volume (flowmeters) or measurement (eg. how long is a metre?). The NMI set the standards and accuracy requirements for each type of instrument when used for a specific purpose.

What is a Trade Approved scale?

It is a scale that has been tested and passed by the NMI as meeting their predetermined standards and level of accuracy. The NMI will issue an Approval Number, which must be displayed on each scale produced of that model. Each Trade Approved scale can only be serviced, tested and marked by an authorized scale repairer, before it can be legally used. The authorized repairer must reject (and mark accordingly) any scale that does not meet the required standards.

Can certain front end loader scales be upgraded and retested to Trade Approved Standards?

The answer is YES. With the COMPULOAD series of scales, this includes the following models:- the COMPULOAD 3000, the COMPULOAD 3000 MKII, and the COMPULOAD 4000.

To upgrade a COMPULOAD scale to Trade Approved, the licensed repairer must install additional hardware, upgrade the software, do a full re-calibration using traceable approved masses, and complete very comprehensive tests of the scale to determine if it can be marked Trade Approved. Just call the staff at Instant Weighing for the costings of this.

Which front end loader scale was the first to be installed, tested and registered as Trade Approved in WA?

The first operational Trade Approved front end loader scales registered in WA was the Australian made COMPULOAD series of scale. It was fully tested and passed by an inspector from the Trading Standards Branch ( as known at that time). That front end loader had recorded some 6,300 operational hours.