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Dear Forklift Owner


Please take the time to read the following about the Australian Laws effecting freight and logistic (transport) companies.

Instant Weighing is the scale company that helps transport companies comply with the National Measurement Institute (NMI) laws – legal scales when the weight is used to determine a price payable, the Main Roads Chain of Responsibility (COR) laws – overloading of vehicles, and the SOLAS/AMSA Export sea container weighing laws 

NMI Laws – Using weight as the means to determine freight costs

When determining the weight of a pallet for freight cost purposes, using either digital or analogue forklift scales that are working off the forklifts hydraulic system, is breaking the Federal Governments NMI rules, because the scales are not TRADE APPROVED scales.

For forklift scales only some of the load cell types of forklift scales are TRADE APPROVED, scales such as the COMPULOAD LCFS. Otherwise transport company’s should be using TRADE APPROVED pallet scales or weighbridges which Instant Weighing both sells and services. See Video 1.

COR Laws – Scales to determine the weight of a load on a vehicle

These laws cover the fact that the truck driver, the person that loaded the truck, their supervisors and the CEO sitting at his or her desk, must be able to demonstrate how they know what the weight of a load is on the truck or semi, and how this weight has been distributed down through the axle groups. Kicking tyres is no longer an acceptable way to guess the weight of the load.

There are three ways to meet the Main Roads COR requirements.

  1. Weighing the loads as the vehicle is being loaded (see attached LCFS brochure)

Very accurate Load Cell scales installed as part of the forklift, for forklifts up to 8t capacity. These scales can be upgraded to TRADE APPROVED, if you require them to comply with the NMI laws

(see video 1. & 2.)    .

For forklifts up to 2.5t capacity the weight is within 2kgs

For forklifts up to 8t capacity the weight is within 5kgs

  1. Weighing axle groups with portable or built in weighing equipment (see Nuweigh XTR686 brochure)
  1. When a sea container is being transported on any public road, the driver must carry a Container Weight

Declaration form.

SOLAS/AMSA export sea container weighing and the testing of existing scales used for this purpose.

1st July 2016 saw the introduction of the new International and Federal laws regarding scales used to determine an export sea container VGM weight.

The Australian AMSA laws state that any existing scale can be used (it does not have to be a TRADE APPROVED scale) but before it can be used for this purpose, it must be fully tested to the NMI testing rules applicable for that type/capacity scale, and that Certified Test Masses only must be used for this testing. This testing must be conducted on an continuing annual basis.

Instant Weighing is one of only 4 companies in Western Australia, who have staff licensed by NMI to test the scales on a forklift for Trade Approved weighing purposes. Thus these companies know the testing procedures for the AMSA scale testing. AMSA has commenced auditing transport companies and they have been found to be non-compliant with the AMSA laws, with no or incorrect test reports being held by the freight company. See Video 3.


Video 1. LCFS showing the accuracy of this scale

Video 2. LCFS showing time saved by forklift with attached scales

Compuload LCFS Loadcell Forklift Weight Scale

Video 3. Showing the testing of scales used for SOLAS/AMSA export sea container weighing to determine it VGM weight

Call Instant Weighing Ph 9274 8600 or 1800 357 315 to discuss how your company can become compliant with the above laws, and help you find solutions to protect your company and your staff.

Yours faithfully

Graham Sidney