AMR Editorial – Compuload

Instant Weighing as a licensed scale company with National Measurement Institute (NMI) is the Western Australian distributor of the COMPULOAD series of front end loader scales (either as TRADE APPROVED or NON Trade Approved scales) and also the COBO excavator scales. Other products also include 7 various PROLEC Safety Limiters (made to Australian Standards) for excavators. Instant Weighing is also a major tester of all types of scales for the new SOLAS/AMSA export sea container weighing laws introduced 1st July 2016

COMPULOAD product development is an ongoing exercise with the recent release of the new COMPULOAD 6000 (with Data Storage including builtin USB Data Downloader) and the COMPULOAD 5000 scales for front end loaders and forklifts. Development includes fine tuning developments to improve weighing accuracy. COMPULOAD has weighing software for both loading road trains and batching. Providing product support and calibration services throughout WA is paramount to Instant Weighing.

A recent example showing the accuracy of the COMPULOAD series of front end loader scales.
Our client uses front end loaders fitted with Trade Approved COMPULOAD 4000 scales to load their 4 trailer road trains at mine sites and hauls the ore back to Port Hedland for shipment. The COMPULOAD scale indicated that 18,800t of ore was transported to the port for a specific shipment, and once loaded onto the ship the Port Authority indicated that the difference between their total weight and the COMPULOAD scale’s total weight was just 39t.

That is an error of just 0.2 of 1%.

1st July 2016 saw the introduction of new international laws through the Australian Federal Government Department called Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) regards the testing of scales used to determine the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of an export sea container. In summary the new laws, says that any scale can be used to weigh an export sea container, but before the scale can be used under this law it must be tested to and pass the (NMI) standards of testing for that type and capacity of scale and that this testing must continue on an ongoing annual bases. These laws also say that Certified Test Masses must be used for the testing.

The variety of different scales effected by these new laws can include:-
Small to very large platform scales,
Scales on small to very large forklifts using either forks or spreader bars
Scales on front end loaders fitted with forks
Scales on Reach stackers, and trucks with side lifters
Scales used at wharves on cranes or container stradlers

Update on SOLAS/AMSA Testing for existing forklift scales

Just a quick update on our activities regarding SOLAS/AMSA testing of existing forklift scales for weighing export sea containers.

We understand that AMSA has now actually carried out some audits in regards export sea container weighing scales and companies have been found to be non-compliant even though the companies produced written test reports completed by other scale companies (but not to the NMI testing requirements for that type/capacity scale) and all were rejected.

Because of our expertise in this area, and our knowledge of the AMSA requirements and as we are prepared to test all existing scales (including forklift scales) currently being used to see if we can get those scales to pass the appropriate NMI testing. We have just had great success at Broome and Karratha where the AMSA audits were conducted. For the large forklifts that have the forklift manufacturer’s scales installed, (which is part of the forklift ‘s computer management system), we are insisting that the forklift’s technician who can recalibrate these scales be present during the testing as most scales will require recalibration more than once the achieve a pass.

In Broome and Karratha, we have successfully tested and passed all the existing scales consisting of 2 x 16t forklifts at Broome and 4 x 16t and 5 x 12t forklifts scales at Karratha that have passed.

One of the company’s audited by AMSA has also got a branch in Darwin and they are keen for us to assist them. As this will mean transporting test masses to Darwin, if you have a branch in Darwin that wishes to have their existing scales tested during this visit, let us know immediately. The more that participate the cheaper the shared costs of the masses transportation costs will be, because only certified test masses can be used.

We can also test straddles carrier, wharf cranes and forklifts scales that are fitted with spreaders.

Click Here to view our video demonstrating SOLAS/AMSA testing.

Company and Council Chain of Responsibility Letter 1

Protect ALL staff under the new Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws – Australian made COMPULOAD front end loader scales

Company and Council CEO’s and their Work Supervisors can be held responsible under the new Main Roads Chain of Responsibility laws. Whichever activity you perform in the ’chain’, it is important that you take reasonable steps to manage the risk and ensure road safety is not compromised. If equipment and procedures have not been put into place to allow staff to know how much they have loaded onto a vehicle, you can be included in any action taken by Main Roads. The new laws are now that powerful.

This is how Instant Weighing can help Company’s and Councils work towards CoR compliance – with COMPULOAD front end loader scales

In this first issue we will discuss the top of the range front end loader scale, the COMPULOAD 6000.

TRACK WHAT MATERIALS ARE BEING HANDLED WITH THE COMPULOAD 6000 via the built in USB for Weight Data Downloading  

The COMPULOAD 6000 does all the same as the COMPULOAD 5000, but with the addition of Data Storage in a 3 directory data base. This allows weight data to be stored and retrieved under headings such as:-

  • Company Name or Allocated Job No’s,
  • Products loaded,
  • Registration No’s of the trucks loaded. The indicator will display both the individual bucket weight and the progressive total weight as the truck is being loaded.

The optional printed docket will show your Company or Council Name and telephone number, date and time, the selected data under the 3 headings, then the weight of each bucket and the progressive total followed by the total tonnages loaded separately for each truck/trailer combination.

Maximum Target Weights for each individual axle groups can be entered, to assist the operator to load only to their designed maximum weight.

Summary of all weight data can be downloaded onto PC or laptop in a spreadsheet format via the built-in USB Data Downloader, or printed out via the optional on-board printer as a printed hardcopy.

This weight data collated against each of the Directories and their Sub-Directories allows you to track the amount of each Product handled each day, for whom, and loaded onto which vehicles. This data will also help in future projects cost estimating.

This scale is the NON Trade Approved version of our front end loader scales. Indicated weights should be within +/- 1% of the actual weight.



COMPULOAD front end loader scales and COBO excavator scales distributor for WA.

With Roger Trump no longer being the Loadrite Distributor for WA, it would seem appropriate to introduce ourselves. We are the distributors for the AUSTRALIAN MADE COMPULOAD range of scales for front end loaders, and the COBO scales for excavators.

Instant Weighing, which for the last 21 years has been the WA distributor of the COMPULOAD front end loader scales, has proudly supplied and serviced these scales across this large state of Western Australia.

We provide

  • Installation
  • Calibration
  • Operator training services for this great Australian made product – COMPULOAD.

Product support is paramount to Instant Weighing, (see references last page of the attached IW company profile document).

COMPULOAD has 3 weighing systems for front end loaders

  • The COMPULOAD 6000
  • The COMPULOAD 5000
  • And the Trade Approved COMPULOAD 4000.

Both the COMPULOAD 6000 and the COMPULOAD 4000 have the choice of two software packages:-

  1. Vehicle loading software,
  2. Batching software,

Each with their appropriate data storage packages.

Being an Australian made scale, our pricing structure is much more competitive than any overseas manufactured front end loader scale.

We are part of an independent group of like-minded scale companies that cover the whole of Australia.

Instant Weighing can provide full calibration services

  • for the full range of general scales and platform scales right up to weighbridge capacity
  • from fine balances up to the full calibration services (Trade Approved or Non Trade Approved) for the COMPULOAD scales, using verified test masses in all circumstances.

Our technicians hold the appropriate National Measurement Institute (NMI) licenses to conduct most calibration requirements (an exception is testing belt weighing scales).

Additionally, Instant Weighing can also provide calibration services, either as a district run or on an individual case basis. If you require scales for or scale testing for the SOLAS/AMSA export sea container weighing laws that came into effect 1/7/2016, or scales for the Main Roads CoR container weighing CWD, we do this as well.

As a complete weighing company, Instant Weighing sells a full range of scales, from fine balances right up to weighbridges. Very accurate built-in load cell scales for forklifts up to 8t capacity is another range of products.

Instant Weighing is the WA distributor of the COBO excavator scales and also the Prolec Safety Limiters for excavators (made to the Australian Standards AS1418.8 & AS1418.5). This includes the Rated Capacity Control & Envelope Controller. This unit allows the SWL of excavators to be increased. An example is:-

For a 30t excavator the SWL is 3.2t, but by installing the Rated Capacity Control & Envelope Controller the SWL is dramatically increased to 22t. (these brochures will be attached to 2 other separate emails to you).

Instant Weighing is in effect “the one stop scale shop”, offering a unique range of products and services that, we believe, no other scale company in Western Australia can offer.  Our ability to provide you, the customer, with the least amount of inconvenience when looking to fulfill your weighing requirements, is our dedication and driving force.

We invite you to either call us toll free on 1800 357 315 to speak to a staff member of Instant Weighing, or email to get the answers about your individual requirements and circumstances. We would welcome the opportunity for you to put us to the test and at the same time buy great products, with ongoing product support. Visit for more.