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Important SOLAS/AMSA scale testing so that your NW clients can be compliant

by | Jul 19, 2021 | News de | 0 comments

In July and August Instant Weighing conducts its annual North West scale calibration and testing district run.

As you know, 1/7/2016 saw the introduction of the new SOLAS/AMSA laws regarding the weighing of export sea containers. This introduced new laws about the annual retesting of any scale used to determine an export sea container’s VGM (either Method 1 using scales on the very large capacity forklifts or reach stackers, or Method 2 using the scales on the small capacity forklifts that go into the sea container to pack the loads). These new laws could effect many of your customers that own or hire your forklifts.

Instant Weighing would like to work with you to help your customers remain compliant with these new international laws.

The new SOLAS/AMSA laws also state that only certified (National Measurement Institute (NMI) Regulation 13 test masses) can be used to calibrate or test the scales.

As part of the ongoing auditing conducted by AMSA in the NW, where we have provided the 3 page written test reports to our/your customers to cover the annual testing, AMSA is now requesting as part of the audit, that the tester provide a copy of the current NMI Regulation 13 certificate that covers the reverification of the test masses.

Only scale technicians that hold the (NMI) CLASS 6.8 license know the full and complex series of tests that must be conducted and recorded. All our technicians hold this license and only about 3 scale companies in WA hold this specific NMI license.

The most cost effective time for your customers to have these tests completed is during our annual NW district run.

The following has happened:

A large transport company had another scale company (that does not hold the NMI CLASS 6.8 license) to conduct the tests on the scales on their forklifts. The scale company did complete a 1 page test report and emailed it to the transport company. However, 6 months later the transport company was audited by AMSA and they handed over the 1 page test report as part of the audit. This report was rejected by AMSA as not being compliant to their laws.

After much discussion with this transport company, Instant Weighing was asked to visit and conduct tests that would comply with the AMSA Laws.

This involved transporting the required test masses by road to the NW and then flying our technician in to conduct the correct tests. This was a great cost to the customer. Our test reports were then submitted to AMSA and were accepted as meeting their laws.

This company is now a participant during our annual NW district run. July/August is the time for your customers to have the correct and necessary testing completed, not in January as in the above example.

Please call Ph 9274 8600 now to make a time for Instant Weighing to visit you to help you help your clients be AMSA compliant and not be caught out when audited.

Graham Sidney – Director – Instant Weighing