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Bolo Mirrors

BOLO ® (Be On the Look Out) is a revolutionary new product for the materials handing industry. Released in 2014, it is a mirror based system for small to medium forklifts that allows drivers to see around the load and sight the tines. Its use significantly reduces damage to goods and infrastructure while improving operational efficiency and safety.

BOLO Introduction

BOLO is a clever and cost effective cost solution that saves time and money by improving productivity and safety. BOLO is good business for all materials handling environments, from small warehouses to large factories and everything in between.

  • Remove guesswork from loading and unloading, even when high stacking and block stacking.
  • Reduce the prevalence of load damage due to tine misalignment/puncturing.
  • Save time unpacking/repacking goods associated with damaged containers.
  • Overcome sightline obstructions caused by hydraulics and rams on forklift masts.
  • Reduce driver and vehicle movement by increasing forward perspective.
  • Simplify traffic management planning.
  • Reduce costs for neck and back injuries, associated with driving backwards/twisting.
  • Reduce insurance claims relating to damaged goods, infrastructure and pedestrian injury.
  • Potentially minimise the use of spotters.

Using BOLO is intuitive, much like rear vision wing mirrors on everyday cars. Unlike other products, BOLO is always “on” and provides a real-time, real-light field of view.

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