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Excavator Safety Systems

Safety should be front of mind on every job. There are so many safety considerations for excavator operators to remember; Instant Weighing are here to help, supplying the most dynamic excavator safety systems on the market that are made to Australian Standards.

Two of the seven excavator safety systems are the PME Rail-Control systems for road-rail excavators and the Rated Capacity Control and Envelope Monitor

PME Rail -Control system for road-rail excavators

PMERail covers a family of products designed for controlling Road-Rail (Hi-Rail) excavators operating on and near rail lines. Prolec’s system draws on all aspects of machine control to provide a high-integrity solution compliant to the toughest rail legislation in the world.          If you have an excavator working near railway lines or under the railway power lines, this is the safety system for you.

PME500 -Rated Capacity Control and Envelope Monitor which allows increase in SWL capacity

The PME500 combines all functions of the Prolec control and safety range into one unit for the Rated Capacity Control & Envelope Monitor. Combining real time load and position, the system will maintain a safe load and stay within a defined envelope in both the horizontal and vertical plane. The carried load is displayed graphically to the operator and warnings are given on approach to the maximum SWL. A graphical interface also shows the limits for slew and height which are set according to the operational and environmental requirements. To be able to correctly increase the excavator’s SWL as the load is being lifted closer to the tracks of the excavator, this is the control unit for you.

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