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General Scales

Whether you need to weigh in 0.0001 grams or thousands of kilos, Instant Weighing have scales to suit every industrial and most retail needs. We also provide scale recalibration services throughout all of WA. These services include the testing of any existing scales used to weigh export sea containers (Method 1 or Method 2) as required under the new Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) standards as from 1st July 2016.

Trade Approved and Non-Trade Approved Scales

Anything sold by weight in Australia must be weighed only on scales that have been fully tested and approved by the Federal Government Department called National Measurement Institute (NMI). These scales are called Trade Approved scales, and Instant Weighing has got you covered with a range of these types of scales. The NMI approval process can take up to a year in time and costs a lot of money.

The National Measurement Institute (NMI) approves scales for trade use. The equipment must meet all the strict NMI regulations. Non-trade approved scales maybe able to weigh in smaller increments but they cannot be used for Trade Approve weighing.  Instant Weighing supplies a range of both NMI Trade Approved scales and Non Trade Approved scales depending upon your requirements and circumstances.

Yes, people are buying the cheaper overseas scales, then bringing these scales to us asking that we test them and verify them for Trade Approved use. Many such scales are not registered with NMI and cannot be used where a Trade Approved scale must be used. They have wasted their money buying such scales overseas. Don’t get caught out by this.

The best scales are at Instant Weighing

Whatever you need to weigh, trust Instant Weighing to supply the most accurate and reliable machines in the business. With more than 20 years’ experience in selling, calibrating, and maintaining scales for all kinds of industries and applications.

Here’s a few of the trade approved and non-trade approved scales we supply:

  • BM-20 or XA82/220/3Y for micro, semi micro and premium analytical balances
  • AD-4406 or JAC101 digital indicators for strain gauge sensors
  • EM-30KAM EM-300KAX smaller platform scales
  • FG-30KAM to FG-150KAL, or JAC929 platform scales with the option of either bench or floor mounting and a choice of battery or AC power supply

ELP or IH 1949 3,000kgs 6,000kgs, 10,000kgs digital large platform floor scales with a variety of applications across the food industry, industrial/parts counting, freighting and more.

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