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Prolec Range

Prolec products are designed to increase efficiency and productivity while keeping operators safe. The range of height limiters, 3D control systems, envelope controls, commercial scales and slew limiters increase safe working loads (SWL) as the boom moves closer to the tracks.
Prolec commercial scales and guidance systems are the industry standard across the board so when performance and safe operation really matter. All systems have been brought to the Australian Safety Standards, so get in touch with Instant Weighing about Prolec systems.

Prolec means safety

Prolec considers safety their utmost priority so everything they design and continuously seek to improve the quality of their products. Prolec meets international safety accreditation standards, and are members of several organisations committed to upholding safety benchmarks in the construction equipment industry.

Instant Weighing and Prolec

Instant Weighing are the Perth specialists supplying the full Prolec range to the mining, earthmoving, construction and quarrying industries. From commercial scales to height limiters and 3D control systems, we have everything to get the most out of your excavator and other equipment.
Our expertise means you get advice suited exactly to your machine’s requirements, and the support of Perth’s Prolec experts at Instant Weighing. We are always here to answer your questions, so check out our range below and get in touch if we can help:
• Heightwatch 6 height monitoring system
• pcX-Pro 3D machine guidance system
• PME-100 Height Limiter for articulating construction equipment
• PME 2D machine guidance system
• PME 400 3D Envelope Control systems
• PME 500 Liftwatch Rated capacity controller
• PME Rail Liftwatch Rail Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI)

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