Preventative Maintenance

Regular calibration and preventative maintenance are necessary to keep your scales performing at their best.

How can the maintenance of scales & weighing equipment benefit your company?

Maintaining the long-term accuracy of your weighbridge, front end loader, excavator, forklift or industrial scale is essential, especially if the equipment is a Trade-Approved scale.

Weighing Machines - Instant Weighing Perth

Inaccurate weighing equipment can result in you losing revenue by supplying more product to your customer than you are charging them for.

You have a legal obligation to ensure your scales meet the required accuracy levels. Failure to comply can result in scales being removed from service by the Federal Government Department called National Measurement Institute (NMI) and leave users open to prosecution.

Inaccurate weighing equipment can affect relationships with your customers by supplying less than the required amount which is illegal.

Inaccurate vehicle scales (front end loader, excavator, forklift or weighbridge scales) can result in vehicles being overloaded. Not only is this unsafe, but it causes unnecessary highway damage to roads and bridges and can result in one or more members of the company being prosecuted under the new Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws.

It is also important to remember that having your weighing equipment regularly serviced and calibrated significantly reduces the possibility of unwanted and costly breakdowns.

Weighing Machines - Instant Weighing Perth
Weighing Machines - Instant Weighing Perth