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Why choose Instant Weighing for the supply of industrial and commercial scales?

Since 1995, Instant Weighing has provided industries in Western Australia and in the East Coast with precision weighing equipment. Our range of industrial and commercial weighing scales has grown considerably since then, taking on feedback from customers, changes in legislation and advancements in technology so that we always remain at the forefront of precision weighing.

We understand the unique requirements involved in meeting the needs of scales. The success of the Instant Weighing operations is based on providing the best products for each job, together with product support being paramount. Our Team is determined to ensure that the measurement units we supply perform to the high standards our clients require.

Today, we have an enviable list of high profile customers who trust Instant Weighing for their reliability and accuracy, and we are proud to say we can cater for just about any weighing need. If you can’t find what you need in our list of products, contact us and we’ll make it! Try us – we love a weighing challenge! Our off-the-shelf range includes Compuload brand weighing scales, as well as products from renowned names such as A&D Australasia, Nuweigh and CAS.
We deliver top quality products with competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

What are industrial and commercial scales used for?

We offer a wide range of scales for multiple applications: from Earthworks & Mining, Warehouse & Logistics, Manufacturing & Industrial, Health Care & Medical to Retail & Food Processing.

At Instant Weighing, the industrial and commercial scales range from precision balances weighing to 1 mg, up to heavy duty platform scales, weighbridges and axle weighers. We have IP68 rated stainless steel wash-down scales all widely used in food and chemical plants. We stock precision bench scales; counting scales for speeding up the counting processes; pallet truck scales for faster weighing in dispatch areas for both Chain of Responsibility (CoR) and National Measurement Institute (NMI) legal compliance; platform scales in a variety of sizes, both Legal for Trade as well as non-approved; and advanced check weighers which automatically send weight data to a spreadsheet.

We also sell indicators for industrial scales separately, and a range of accessories, including printers and large remote displays, will increase the usefulness of many of our industrial scales.

Each weighing scale in our Industrial and Commercial scale range has its own unique features and benefits, so we recommend checking through the features lists carefully to ensure you choose the right weighing scale for your particular application or talk directly to the staff of Instant Weighing.

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Q & A

Do we supply Trade-Approved Scales?

Yes, Instant Weighing is a licensed scale technician with the Federal Government NMI to sell, service and recalibrate TRADE APPROVED scales including weighbridges. To find the right scale of your needs, either search our website, fill out our contact form or call our office on Ph 9274 8600 or 1800 357 315


Does Instant Weighing provide product support, servicing and scale calibrations?

Yes, In Western Australian, whether you are in a large city or a smaller country town or on the land either farming, quarrying or mining, Instant Weighing both sells and provides servicing and re-calibration support during what we call District Runs throughout the years covering an area from Broome in the north to Esperance in the south east and all places in between. During our District Run to your area we transport certified test masses. This is the most cost effective way to have your scale serviced and re-calibrated (including re-stamping if it is a trade-approved scale). Call us now to add your request so that you can be scheduled into our next District Run in your area. Product Support is paramount to Instant Weighing.


Do we offer installation services for clients within Western Australia?

Yes, most scales can be installed by the purchaser. However, the COMPULOAD series of scales installed onto either front end loaders, telehandlers, reach stackers, or forklifts or the COBO scales for excavators do require a technician to install and calibrate these scales. Instant Weighing is set up to travel to the location of the machine to do both the installation and calibration. This is a must for farmers which to install the COMPULOAD scale on their telehandler to give them throughput of their limes and fertilizers.


What’s new with export sea container weighing equipment?

There are new rules regarding the scales that are used to determine the weight of an export sea container. Scales used for AMSA weighing must be tested yearly and for these tests, Regulation 13 certified test masses must be used. We are getting contacted by many large company’s that have been audited by the AMSA Inspectors and the written test reports of their scale when submitted as part of the audit has been rejected as not being AMSA compliant. They have than had to ask Instant Weighing to complete the tests and written reports and once submitted to the AMSA Inspector our reports have been accepted and approved. Have your scales used for AMSA export sea container by Instant Weighing first up to overcome these challenges.