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How Compuload Scales Assist Local Councils

by | Apr 1, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

To the Chief Executive Officer and Works Manager/Supervisor/Engineer

The new Federal Government Work Health & SAFETY Laws impacts at all levels of Management and the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) Laws, now makes having scales on Council’s front end loaders essential equipment.

The new Work Health and Safety laws and the Main Roads CoR laws impacts at all levels of MANAGEMENT within Council – the following reading is important for all.

You must be able to show the Main Roads Inspector, the systems that you as management, have put into place so that your staff know how much they have loaded onto your vehicles. Recalibration records are also essential documents to keep for the Inspector to see to support your actions.

The New Work Health and SAFETY Laws also enforces the need to know the weight loaded onto all vehicles. Councils are buying the following vehicle weighing pads for their depots so that they can weigh all goods carrying vehicles to know that they are not overloaded when going on public roads, as you can still be held accountable even whilst sitting at your office desk.


A single XTR 686 axle pad with built in indicator         6x XTR 686 axle pads with an additional separate remote indicator and printer

 WHY CHOOSE COMPULOAD front end loader scales -The Australian made COMPULOAD scales for front end loaders comes in 3 models, and I would like to explain what each COMPULOAD scale indicator can do for your Council.




COMPULOAD 6000                               COMPULOAD 5000                                        COMPULOAD PRINTER


This scale allows 3 different data (such as Job Number. Products, Truck Rego) to be stored against the total weight loaded onto a truck plus the date and time. The printed docket will show all these details.

  1. Job Number. By entering the Job Number, this allows staff to track the amount of materials used in a specific job. This provides a record for estimating the tonnages of materials required for similar jobs in the future.
  2. Products or Materials, Records the total tonnage of the different types of materials used against the Job No.
  3. Truck Rego, allows tracking of materials handled by each tipper

(The COMPULOAD 6000 indicator can store 1,000’s of the individually loaded trucks weight data and also has a built in USB system for downloading that data to your office PC either daily or weekly).

The indicator will show each bucket load weight and add that weight to the running progressive total.

This scale can have an optional onboard printer so that the tip truck driver can carry a weight docket.

Another option (if the loader is operating in either 3G or 4G coverage), is that stored weight data for each loaded tipper, can be electronically transmitted to an office PC as soon as the truck has been loaded.

COMPULOAD 6000 – as the TRADE APPROVED scale – meeting the National Measurement Institute (NMI) laws

According to Federal Government laws, a Trade Approved scale must be used when a country Council is buying gravel, sand etc from farmers for road repairs and the price payable is determined by the tons loaded onto your trucks. The TRADE APPROVED COMPULOAD 6000 scale does incorporate all the above COMPULOAD 6000 features.


This is like a COMPULOAD 6000 but without the data storage capability. Onboard printer and weight data transmission is also options available.

See attached brochures for each of the above scales. Over 50% of WA Councils have COMPULOAD scales.

If it is Council’s practice to order scales as an accessary when ordering a new front end loader, remember to specify the Australian made COMPULOAD scale, and specify which model you require when making out the Purchase Order specifications.

Instant Weighing provides annual District Run calibration services, with written calibration reports to provide Management a paper trail should you be audited by a Mains Roads Inspector. Once Council has COMPULOAD scales, we will call you inviting your participation in certain District Runs. If you have any questions, please call 1800 357 315

Instant Weighing’s rear mounted crane truck & Certified Test Masses used to calibrate scales during our Annual District Runs

Kind regards – Graham Sidney – Director