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How to choose the right weighing scale for your business

by | Mar 31, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Weighing systems are crucial for numerous industries, from logistics to pharmaceuticals. But how do you go about selecting the appropriate one for your business? 

The key is to consider several factors, from technical specifications and environmental conditions to maximum capacity and readability requirements.

Let’s dive into essential considerations when choosing the best industrial weighing scales and how Instant Weighing can help you choose the right weighing product for your business.

Consider your industry

Weighing scales come with different technical specifications suitable for specific industries. For instance, if you require a scale for medical, scientific, or pharmaceutical purposes, precision balance or counting scales are highly recommended due to the precision and accuracy demanded by science. 

Hospitality and food production businesses like butcher shops or bakeries may benefit from food and labelling, platform, or waterproof scales, while those in agriculture or farming may opt for animal scales or agricultural kits that can provide the reliability necessary for weighing live animals.

What are the environmental conditions?

Weighing scales have varying requirements depending on their intended use and environmental conditions. While some scales demand a dry and stable base for accurate measurement, others are built to endure extreme weather, wet locations, or harsh surroundings. It is essential to be aware of your environmental setup to select the appropriate scale that can deliver precise results and longevity.

Bear in mind it’s crucial to consider the humidity and airflow in your surroundings to ensure that the scale can perform optimally.

Determine maximum capacity and readability

One of the top considerations is the minimum and maximum weight of the items or products to be weighed. If the maximum capacity of the scale is 10,000Kg, but some of the items weigh up to 12,000Kg, the readings may be inaccurate, and the lifespan of the scale may be reduced. It is essential to choose a scale that can handle the heaviest item that needs to be weighed.

The precision of a weighing scale is indicated by its smallest division, known as readability. Each application requires a certain degree of precision. For instance, if you need a reading accurate to the nearest 0.1g, a scale with a readability of 0.01g is recommended.

Do you need trade-approved scales?

If you’re an Australian business in need of trade-approved industrial weighing scales, it’s important to consider the requirements outlined in the National Trade Measurement Regulations 2009. Adhering to these regulations will ensure that your products and packages are legally approved for trade purposes.

Choose a reliable supplier for calibration services

If you need industrial weighing scales for harsh environments, it’s important to choose a brand or provider that can perform onsite calibration for your scales and load cells. Regular calibrations and adjustments should also be provided to ensure productivity and reliability over the years. In addition to daily adjustments, it’s recommended to schedule a quarterly recalibration with your experienced provider.

Find the ideal scales for your business with Instant Weighing

Instant Weighing is focused on providing the best products and support for each client, from superior industrial weighing scales to regular calibration, taking great pride in contributing to the success of West Australian industries through their products and services.

In addition to Compuload, Instant Weighing also offers a wide range of high-quality weighing products from A&D Australasia for purchase or hire. Browse the range of products online now, or contact Instant Weighing now to discuss any queries or available services.