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Reduce Risks and Increase Profits with a COBO Tera 7 Excavator Scale and Meet the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) loading laws

by | Jul 19, 2021 | Industry News, News de | 0 comments

When moving materials on public roads or even around a site, is your business ensuring that you are maximising your productivity whilst being conscious of both CoR and OH&S obligations when it comes to overloading.

For many operators, this is a fine line. If you are underloading trucks you are losing profits and if you are overloading trucks you are putting your employee’s lives or those of the public at risk. There are great ramifications for staff in their different roles when not complying with the CoR laws.

Using a purpose-designed system such as the Cobo Tera 7 Excavator Scale, which accurately measures each bucket load in a dynamic environment can help to ensure that your trucks are loaded within the legal limits of CoR, but at safe levels so as to maximise productivity.

This system allows the excavator operator to efficiently load the truck to its maximum safe capacity quickly and accurately. It takes the guesswork out of the equation as well as the downtime when a truck goes over the weighbridge and has to turn around to add more material or dump some material.

The Tera 7 system is market-leading with its ability to handle multiple materials even on the same load with the push of a button. It also stores multiple machine users, clients and truck details that can all be accessed quickly through the on-screen menu.

The previous COBO 3B6 developed the first fully dynamic excavator scale 25 years ago and has been at the forefront of excavator scales globally ever since. We now offer the new Tera 7 that is second to none on the market today in relation to quality, accuracy and reliability. All of our systems are still to this day designed and manufactured in Europe to an exacting standard.

With inbuilt data logging, print features and USB Data Download the COBO Tera 7 can be tailored to suit individual clients needs and is ideal for productivity and load cycle tracking.

Anywhere in Western Australia, Instant Weighing is the supplier, installer and calibrator of the COBO Tera 7 excavator scale.