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Don’t Pay the Price: Weighbridge Maintenance or Install

by | Mar 11, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Those operating within the transport and logistic industries know all to the risks of an overweight truck. As well as the physical dangers of a truck carrying too much weight – risking the safety of drivers, road passengers, and cargo – the fiscal penalties allocated to overweight vehicles are no joke.

In order to stay within weight limits for all vehicles, it’s highly recommended to use reliable weighbridges. Exceeding limits is to be avoided at all costs, to prevent paying the price for mass overload offences.  

What are the dangers of overweight vehicles?

Operating a vehicle that is overweight is not to be taken lightly, with potential consequences so serious hefty fines are in place to prevent business owners from taking this unnecessary risk. 

Whether the overloading is intentional or not, a heavy truck cannot brake in time, risking tire blowouts, issues with steering, and the potential for a load to dismount and land on nearby vehicles. Avoid devastating crashes or accidents by installing weighing machines with reliable scales designed to monitor hefty loads, and keep your business safe. 

Avoid serious penalties

If a truck is determined to be overweight, everyone involved is at risk of liability. Due to an extensive chain of responsibility from owners to loading managers, hefty fines can be allocated to a mass overload offence regardless of who’s at fault. 

Each vehicle must prove compliance with two forms of mass limits; GVM (gross vehicle mass), and axle mass (the weight on a specific axle). Without passing both limits using weighbridges, you risk committing an overload offence. 

What is a weighbridge?

Also known as weighing machines, weighbridges are scales used to establish the weight of a load on a transport truck. Used in trade to determine weight for freight costs, tax, and buying and selling goods, quality weighbridges can clarify if a load is overweight and prevent serious fines being handed down. 

Weighing is typically done by measuring the weight of the vehicle alone, then the vehicle plus cargo to determine the load weight. A weighbridge can also determine the individual weight placed on each truck axle, or axles.

What are the benefits of quality weighbridges?

Incorporating premium scales into your transport business is the only way to guarantee weight compliance, and avoid hefty fines. Consult with experts in weighing compliance to determine the best type of weighbridge for your needs, and remove the risk of a mass overload offence for good. There are multiple forms available:

  • In-ground: built below ground and suited to sites with limited space
  • Above-ground: affordable, but require a significant amount of space 
  • Portable: used for site specific industries like construction and logging, where they can moved to wherever they are needed
  • Semi-pit: designed to lie at ground level, they require less installation work than standard in-ground designs

Reliable weighing machines from Instant Weighing

Operating for over 25 years as trusted suppliers for trucking, forklift, and lifting services, Instant Weighing knows a thing or two about reliable scales. Get in touch today to discuss your weighbridge installation or maintenance needs, and experience how we’ve earned our stellar reputation.