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Importance Of Regular Servicing Of Your Scales

by | Jul 15, 2021 | Our Services | 0 comments

What is a set of scales if they can’t give you the reading you need? You rely on them for the information you need to run your business, whether it’s weighing material for manufacturing or getting an accurate weight for sending a product to a client. 

At Instant Weighing, we offer servicing and calibration for scales of all sizes and types. Regular servicing means you can improve the performance of your scales and reduce the potential for inaccurate readings. 

Get It Right Every Time

Over time, your scales can become less accurate. Regular servicing is the key to keeping your business running and allowing you to get the correct information every time. You want to keep your scales in working condition and avoid any potential maintenance issues. Everything from general wear and tear to corrosion can lead to reading errors. You want to get accurate readings to prevent any hiccups in the daily operations of your business.

Keeping your scales calibrated is key to getting an accurate reading. Environmental factors like temperature can knock off the calibration of your scales. If you’ve moved your device from one area of your office to another, you might also need to calibrate the system.

Having a locally-owned servicing company look at your scales means that you can professionally check the battery. Calibration is necessary, as it can resolve any data output problems you have in your device to make sure you’re getting accurate information. Calibration is like a doctor’s check-up for your scales, making sure they’re still up to the job. 

Don’t Wait for A Service

Having a locally-owned service on hand can help minimise downtime when your scales are offline. Every hour that your scales are unavailable for you to use is money wasted. Long-term issues could see you take a dip in profits and even carry a loss if your scales are out of action for more than a few days. Working with an inaccurate scale reading could mean that you’re not following regulations or could even result in customer complaints.

There are steps you can take to help improve the lifespan and condition of your scales. You want to take the time to regularly inspect the device yourself, particularly the wires, to see if there are any visible issues. If you notice anything unusual, contact a locally owned servicing provider

Make sure to clean your scales daily to prevent dust or debris from affecting the operating system. When you unload something off the scales, you want to give it a spot clean to keep it in working condition. 

You also want to avoid overloading the system by going above its weight capacity, as this can damage the load cell, and a sudden surge can cause an inaccurate reading.

Our Range of Products

At Instant Weighing, we offer servicing and calibration for scales, so you can make sure you’re getting an accurate reading. Our accredited scale services focus on inspecting, cleaning, and calibrating your device. We offer a full spectrum of industry scales, including folklife scales, parcel scales, and catering scales – as well as providing installation services. You can find out more about our maintenance services on our website.