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Introducing the new COMPULOAD CL2000MKII digital loader scale

by | Apr 3, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Dear Front end loader Owner
To assist your company meet the important Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws, our new Australian-made COMPULOAD CL2000MKII Dynamic scale for front-end loaders, the screen allows your loader operators to continually know the following as they are loading your trucks:-

The weight of each individual bucket load – (CURRENT LOAD)

The progressive running total of the weight loaded – (TOTAL LOAD)

The number of bucket loads loaded – (#)

With the optional onboard printer, a docket can be printed showing the Date, Time, individual bucket weights, and the progressive running total weight will be shown.

the new COMPULOAD CL2000MKII digital loader scale

This scale works off the front-end loader’s hydraulic system and is not a Trade Approved scale.

One major cost-saving advantage is that the owner of the front-end loader can elect to both install and calibrate this scale themselves

CALL INSTANT WEIGHING Ph 9274 8600 or email [email protected] today for more information or pricing.

Buy The Australian-made Compuload Scales For Your Loading Machines

Remember, Instant Weighing Can Test The Scales On Your Loading Machines For:

  • National Measurement Institute (Nmi) – Trade Approved – (Freight Charged By Weight Laws)
  • Australian Maritime Safety Authority (Amsa) – Export Sea Container Weighing Laws.
  • Chain Of Responsibility (Cor) – Vehicle Overloading Laws)