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Reach Stacker AMSA Scales with Weight Data Transmission

by | Jul 19, 2021 | Products | 0 comments

There are not too many manufacturer installed Reach Stacker scales that are going to be able to pass the Federal Government Department called National Measurement Institute (NMI) set of complex tests, so that the scale can be used as a AMSA scale to determine the export sea container VGM weight.

The AMSA rules include the following:

  1. your first option is to have your existing scale tested to the NMI testing standards. If the original scale passes, great. The testing of your original scale is a service that Instant Weighing can complete for you. The AMSA scale must then be re-tested on an ongoing yearly basis. This is a service that Instant Weighing can also complete for you.
  2. it is important that certified test masses (known as Regulation 13 test masses) are used for the testing of the scale. You can ask for a copy of the Regulation 13 certificates that covers each of the test masses that will be used in the testing, for your records.
  • that your scale does not have to be a NMI TRADE APPROVED scale.
  • that any scale used for AMSA weighing must be checked on an ongoing yearly basis.

Test reports completed by the scale technician must be kept on file for presentation to AMSA should your company be audited. Test reports completed by Instant Weighing has been presented to AMSA as part of an audit, and our test reports have been approved by AMSA as compliant to their requirements.

Instant Weighing and the Australian made COMPULOAD 6000 series of hydraulic dynamic weighing scales are being installed onto Reach Stackers, and successfully being fully tested to the NMI testing requirements for this type/capacity scale. The NMI standard of testing is complex and for Reach Stacker scales come under the NMI Class y(b) testing license, which very very few NMI licensed scale technician hold or understand.

Your office staff that are controlling the movement of their export sea container require as soon as possible both the container ID number and the VGM weight, back to the office PC to be able to meet the paperwork deadlines. Companies are incorporating weight data transmission either via 3G or 4G or satellite transmission as part of their whole AMSA scale package.

The Australian made COMPULOAD 6000 digital scale is able to store this required data, including some other essential data like your company name, date and time and then either send this to the office PC via the above data transmission, as a printed weight docket showing all the above data via the on-board COMPULOAD 4070 printer, or download to the PC via the built in USD data downloader at the end of the day or shift.

Is your company one of the many needing to incorporate the weight data transmission as part of your AMSA compliant COMPULOAD on-board scale for your Reach Stackers?