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The benefits of quality lab precision weighing scales and their many uses

by | Oct 28, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Scientific digital scales are a key feature in almost every laboratory environment. With multiple sizes and formats available, it’s possible to report much smaller weights or masses than standard scales.

Sensitive lab weighing scales from trusted suppliers focus on precision, quality and reliability; read on to learn more. 

Which industries benefit from scientific digital scales?

Almost every laboratory relies on precision weighing systems to perform vital tasks with the utmost accuracy. Uses tend to include weighing sample and test materials in liquid, solid and powder formats, determining density, analysing purity properties, quality control, and conformance testing.

Precise measurements are essentials to not only ensure quality products but adhere to industry regulations. The ability of scientific scales to accurately record minuscule portions of materials from pharmaceutical powder to aggregates makes them a staple piece of lab equipment.

Industries that utilise scientific digital scales include the pharmaceutical sector, scientific research and development, food and beverage, manufacturing, and healthcare and hospitals.

Considerations when buying lab precision scales

Choosing the right format for laboratory scales and balances is an important decision, as the wrong capacity or platform size can render it ineffective for your particular requirements.


Determine the maximum required capacity before making a purchase; the load to be placed on the scale must be well within its rated capacity for accurate readings. 


While modern electronic scales tend to offer a range of units, it’s important to confirm your scientific scales work to your required unit of measurement such as pounds, ounces, or grams.

Minimum readability

The readability is the smallest weight division displayed by the scales, so readability of 1 gram shows results in whole grams as opposed to fractions or decimals. Precision scales offer impressively low readability, for eg. 0.001g.

Digital vs analog

Digital scales provide extensive formatting options within a moisture and dust-resistant exterior. Mechanical or analog scales are less precise but can weigh large/heavy items.

Important features of laboratory scales and balances

Many industry-leading scientific digital scales offer additional features to further enhance their usage, helping clarify the most ideal model for your application:

  • Calibration: internal calibration features help maintain its accuracy over time
  • Overload protection: protect the weighing circuitry and load cells against damage from overloaded scales should the limit be exceeded.
  • Environmental protection: preserve the scales from dust and moisture, particularly in rough outdoor conditions
  • Weigh-below capacity: scales with a weigh-below hook enable samples to be weighed in suspension beneath.
  • Portability: Rechargeable scales and carrying cases allow scales to be used in any location. 
  • Data collection: integrate collected data directly with your computer.

Key benefits of precision weighing systems

Nothing should be left to chance or guesswork in a laboratory. Quality precision weighing systems guarantee consistently accurate results, allowing work to continue with the right formulas, testing, object mass, and precise measurement needs.

The main advantages of laboratory scales and balances are their accuracy, readability, durability, secure design, and wide range of available scale formats and features to perfectly suit your requirements. 

These precise results are possible due to consistent calibration, reproducibility, and linearity; working with experts at scale servicing, maintenance, and calibration ensures reliable lab scales with a long life span. 

Premium scientific scales and balances from Instant Weighing

Providing a wide range of industries with superior precision weighing systems and laboratory scales since being established in 1995, Instant Weighing is a team of experienced technicians adept at advising clients on the best scales and balance for their needs. 

Contact Instant Weighing today to discuss your lab precision scale requirements, or make an online purchase now.