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The role of weighing scales in various industries

by | Feb 16, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Weighing scales are well known in kitchens and post offices, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The many types and applications of weighing scales would surprise most, from floor scales that weigh trucks and heavy vehicles to precisely calibrated scales in laboratories measuring in milligrams.

Quality commercial and industrial weighing scales fill many categories, depending on design, weighing capacity, size, and unique specifications. Let’s take a look at the many roles weighing scales fill and how they’re used across various sectors.

The benefits of top-quality industrial weighing scales 

Reliable weighing scales are an essential part of daily life, keeping many industries on track with precise results and more advantages including:

  • Accuracy – regular calibration ensures precise results
  • Versatility – the wide range of available capacities ensures optimum usage, from portion scales to robust floor scales
  • Productivity – reliable results improve daily operations, and designs like pallet weighing scales help save time
  • Highly durable – well-made scales are designed to withstand the toughest conditions
  • Compliant – comply with industry regulations, even capturing information as you work with loader scales
  • Safe – accurate results minimise harmful errors

What industries use weighing scales?


Industrial weighing scales play a key role in the farming and agriculture sectors, with robust platform and floor scales ensuring produce is accurately weighed for maximum profitability. 

Floor scales are a highly versatile design ideal for use in agriculture, as they can be used to weigh items of all sizes as well as raw materials and packaged goods.


Commercial scales are essential in manufacturing, with every factory and retailer using designs from platform weighing scales for big goods to parcel weighing scales for smaller packaged items. 

Platform weighing scales are particularly useful thanks to their robust, stable design with a wide base – ideal for use in manufacturing where both high amounts of small pieces and large bulky items need to be weighed.


A plethora of construction trades, including the mining industry, use robust scales to accurately measure materials as building or excavation takes place. Loader scales and forklift weight scales are especially efficient, capturing information on your front-end loader as it is being used.


The transport, shipping, and logistics industry keep Australia moving, and designs like axle scales and pallet weighing scales keep vehicles and drivers safe as they work. Axle scales allow the accurate weighing of a truck’s axles regardless of location to monitor overloading and underloading, and forklift weight scales like trade-approved COMPULOAD ensure safe and efficient daily operations.


Variations of classic bench scales have transformed the hospitality sector, with precise catering scales and portion scales allowing fast and accurate food preparation. Similar to parcel weighing scales in Ecommerce, portion scales and catering scales are available in a range of specifications to suit the size and amount of ingredients being reported. 

Choose from a range of premium industrial weighing scales

Instant Weighing is a renowned supplier of reliable weighing scales for a vast range of industry requirements. From robust pallet weighing scales to precise parcel weighing scales, premium products along with precise calibration services are available to suit any need.

Browse the range of industrial and platform weighing scales online now, or get in touch today with any queries.