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Tips to keep your scales in working order, including scale servicing and maintenance

by | Oct 28, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Accurate weighing scales are at the core of many leading Australian sectors, from recycling and waste industries to shipping and logistics. Ensuring reliable scales can be the difference between a successful, legally compliant business and losing clients due to dangerous quality control measures.

The requirement of trade-approved scales is reason enough to keep your weighing scale in great working order, whether you operate a weighbridge or a bench scale, but risking overweight fines and critical measuring errors makes it even more imperative.

Discover key tips for looking after your weighing scales, and why expert scale servicing and preventative maintenance are so important. 

The importance of weighing scale servicing and calibration

Failing to maintain your weighing equipment and scales can risk the loss of revenue by sending more products than the client paid for, acquiring fines for inaccurate trade-approved scales, or equipment breaking down, resulting in inefficient operations.

Keeping your scale in quality working order takes regular care, from small or large industrial scales to robust platform scales, forklifts, and front-end loaders. Consistently accurate scales result in great working customer relationships, compliance with legal obligations for trade-approved scales, and prevent overloading and detrimental damage or work disruptions. 

What’s included in professional scale servicing?

It’s recommended to get reliable scale servicing from experts who provide a full-service session, from thorough inspections to effective repairs. You can expect licensed providers of scale servicing like instant Weighing to provide:

  • A functional and visual inspection
  • Through testing
  • Detailed cleaning
  • Written reporting 
  • On-site adjustments for servicing
  • Repairs
  • Certified calibrations with approved test weights
  • Sticker detailing calibration and next due date
  • Loan scales for temporary replacements
  • Breakdown call-outs

Key tips for reliable scale maintenance

Regular scale maintenance is key to preventing issues from taking hold and keeping your weighing scales operating with complete accuracy. It’s important to work with professional providers of scale inspections for regular maintenance, calibration, and repairs, ensuring your equipment is operating to the highest standards while preventing costly breakdowns. 

Consistent calibration

Reliable weighing scales are only possible with regular calibration from knowledgeable providers. Allowing experienced technicians to analyse and restore the accuracy of your scales prevents costly downtime and inaccurate readings, using approved weights and measures to guarantee correct results. 

Regular cleaning

Giving your weighing scales a thorough daily clean will go a long way to preserving quality and reliability over time, as well as preventing damage or wear and tear from the build-up of dirt and debris. Failure to do so can risk inaccurate readings and long-term equipment damage.

Secure, dry storage 

Keep your scale safe when not being used by placing them in a clean, dry place free from the risk of accidental damage or impacts, rodents, and moisture interference. 

What regular scale maintenance involves


Daily scale maintenance includes keeping the work area free of debris and dirt to prevent damage and keeping the scale grounded to prevent power surges. Industrial weighbridges often need to be hosed down between uses to prevent inaccurate readings. 


Carry out thorough visual and functional inspections each week, making note of any corrosion or operational issues to be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage.


Depending on the level of usage, scales require professional calibration every 1-6 months to ensure accurate readings. Speak to the experts at Instant Weighing for a suitable calibration schedule.

Access knowledgeable scale servicing and maintenance with Instant Weighing

Long-standing industry experience has made Instant Weighing a leading provider of professional scale servicing, calibration, and maintenance services across Perth.

Book an efficient scale service today, or get in touch to request a free quote.