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Weighing Pallets: The Uses of Platform Floor Scales

by | May 31, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Without sturdy pallets, the freight industry would look vastly different. Their capability to hold an immense volume of goods makes them a crucial addition to the transport, storage and management of inventory.

Pallets are relied upon not only to hold products, but as a support for pallets scales. Required for accurate invoicing and regulation compliance, as well as productive and safe operations, precise weighing scales ensure no discrepancies exist between the actual and stated weights of the transported goods. 

Anyone working within the warehousing or logistic industries understands how essential accurate pallet weighing equipment is, saving valuable time while transporting pallets.

The following guide outlines the practical value of a strong weighing scale capable of weighing heavy, bulky items, and the importance of accurate scales.

How to weigh pallets with scales

Pallet scales, also known as platform scales, are designed specifically to measure the weight of palletised goods. Commonly used in logistics operations, factories, and warehouses, they work to improve efficiency by accurately and quickly checking the weight of a pallet and its items.

So, how do you weigh pallets? Industrial scales are created to manage the wide size and often heavy volumes of loaded pallets, using straightforward weighing technology.

These measurements are used to make sure goods are correctly weighed for pricing, relevant legislation is complied with, and transport vehicles are not overloaded. 

What exactly is a platform scale, and how does it work?

Pallets scales are heavy duty platforms with versatile functionalities, depending on your specific requirements. Typically simple tools made from durable stainless steel, or plated for extra grip, they are specifically designed for the easy placement and removal of palletised goods by a forklift or other machinery. 

Industrial scales can be matched up with indicators and computers for extended functions. Scale indicators attached to the base enable their high capacity for various weight functions, such as check weighing, parts counting, and percentage weighing. Data collection is aided by connecting to computers and printers – ideal for inventory management. 

Choosing the right platform scale for your needs

Multiple vital industries here in WA benefit greatly from reliable pallet scales, with accurate weighing of goods and products essential for daily operations. From freight and logistics companies to warehousing and manufacturing settings, the durable construction and impressive capacity can be put to a wide range of uses.

The right platform scale depends on your specific requirements. If you’re wondering how to weigh pallets in your business setting, consider the following key elements:


Heavy duty platform scales come in a variety of models, each with different measurement capacities. High capacity scales offer specialised indicators for significantly heavy items.


If you are measuring a small-but-heavy volume of items, such as bolts or machinery parts, a compact scale with high capacity might be right for you. Larger scales are needed in other areas, where heavy objects like bulk food items or even animals need to be weighed.

IP Certification

Depending on the items you are regularly measuring, you may require scales with a specific IP Certification. Standing for Ingress Protection, this code measures how water-resistant the machinery is.

What are the advantages of pallet scales?

There are many benefits to finding quality platform scales in Perth. The time saved from weighing pallets as they’re moved to new locations is not just convenient, it reduces labour costs while boosting productivity. 

The wide range of premium scales available means there is a versatile floor scale available to suit your needs, with a robust design capable of safely handling oversized loads, making it a wise long-term investment. 

Find premium platform scales in Perth

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