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Why choose Compuload?

by | Jul 19, 2021 | Products | 0 comments

Instant Weighing is the proud distributor and service provider for the Australian-made Compuload, the industry standard for wheel loader scales.

This is only the first of many reasons why people choose our services over those of our competitors, such as the American-owned Loadrite scale.

Instant Weighing distributes the COMPULOAD series of front-end loader scales. The COMPULOAD Trade Approved front end loader scale was the 1st in WA to meet the Federal Governments National Measurement Institute (NMI) new standards for Trade Approved front end loader scales, being tested in the presence of an Inspector some 15 months prior to the Loadrite scales in WA. The COMPULOAD series of front-end loader and forklift scales are Australian-made – (a claim the American-owned Loadrite cannot make).

Our Company offers a personal service, which is both friendly and efficient, backed by the longstanding experience of the Instant Weighing team.

Instant Weighing provide regular maintenance visits, for instrument calibration and other forms of client support such as operator training.

If you are serious about obtaining the best possible load-weighing outcomes for your business, we implore you to compare Instant Weighing services and products with those of the US-owned Loadrite.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about Compuload.