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Why Regularly Calibration Is Essential For Industrial Weighing Scales

by | Nov 22, 2022 | Our Services | 0 comments

Operating with inaccurate weighing scales is simply not an option for many leading WA industries. From transport and logistics to pharmaceutical and postal services, the quality of service, safe shipment, and legislative compliance are impossible without consistently accurate equipment like robust platform scales.

The only way to test whether your weighing scales are producing the correct results is through calibration. The process of calibration is a unique one, as each scale machine has different accepted standards from which to compare the testing data. 

Learn the key advantages of carrying out regular expert calibration, and why this process is essential for maintaining precise industrial scales. 

Getting the most from your industrial weighing scales

Just like any piece of much-used equipment, the accuracy of quality trade-approved scales can diminish over time. Whether this is from environmental factors, typical wear and tear, electrical overloads, or an accident, calibration is necessary to restore and maintain precise results.

Experts in calibration operate by double-checking the accuracy of industrial scales with thorough testing, finding and rectifying errors that are creating inaccurate readings. While booking regular calibration with a professional provider is the best way to maintain reliable scales over time, signs your scales need efficient calibration include:

  • Incorrect pre-defined results: if a known weight does not produce the exact measurement expected when placed on the scale, it’s time for calibration
  • Loose components: any noticeable loose parts or fittings can affect the results
  • No ‘Zero’ reading: if your scales fail to display ‘Zero’ when nothing is on it this could be a sign of something amiss

The benefits of regular calibration 

Maintaining accurate weight measurements is not just good for your bottom line, but a key part of running a trusted brand with strong client and stakeholder relationships. Key advantages of ensuring precise weighing scales with regular scales calibration and servicing include:

  • Results remain consistent within accepted standards
  • Peach of mind knowing the weighing equipment is fit for use
  • Remaining compliant with legislative requirements
  • Adhering to regulations regarding the weighing of goods, vehicles, and more
  • Avoiding the risk of legal action and financial penalties for non-compliance
  • Supplying business stakeholders and customers with accurate data

Why consistent calibration is so important

With so many environmental factors potentially impacting the results of your industrial scale machine, from dust and dirt to moisture and physical impacts, the only way to fully guarantee you are working from accurate readings is by scheduling regular calibration from a qualified provider.

Calibrating your platform scales on a regular, consistent basis safeguards your business from the risks of incorrect results, including:

  • Safety hazards from overloaded weight limits, causing injury to employees or damage to equipment such as vehicles or elevators
  • Unsafe or damaged products created from components created using inaccurate  readings
  • Manufacturing errors or defects
  • Regulatory compliance failure, resulting in penalties or fines
  • Loss of business 

Expert platform scale servicing and calibration with Instant Weighing

Investing in regularly scheduled calibration and servicing for your industrial scales from Instant Weighing means having long-standing experts with niche knowledge test and restoring your vital weighing equipment, and ensuring reliable trade-approved scales.

Contact Instant Weighing today to book servicing and calibration for your commercial platform scales, or with any queries about the wide range of services on offer.