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Worth the Weight: Atlas Weighing COMPULOAD Range

by | Mar 17, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Australian company Atlas Weighing has delivered a new standard in measuring technology with their COMPULOAD scale range.

Instant Weighing based in Western Australia, is a family-owned business that has been running for more than 26 years providing a variety of weighing machines and calibration services. It is the WA distributor for the Australian made COMPULOAD scales for front end loaders, forklifts, telehandlers and reach stackers as well as selling and servicing notable products such as COBO excavator scales, Fine Balances, Weighbridges and a variety of top-quality industrial scales.

Backed by an expert team, Instant Weighing is capable of scale supply, installation, calibration, testing, repairs and preventative maintenance, to keep the product performing at its best.

Manager Calvin Sidney said these services were invaluable to the mineral resources sector, where accurate measurement data was critical.

“For one, it prevents the loss of revenue,” Mr Sidney said.

“Inaccurate weighing means you may supply more product than you are paid for.

“It also means you might run afoul of the Federal Government trade regulations.

“It can pose a safety threat on roads under the Main Roads Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws.

“We pride ourselves in delivering the most reliable weighing possible.

“With our COMPULOAD range, we have found a way to minimize weighing inaccuracies for front end loader scales, by better temperature compensation for the hydraulic oil temperature changes that occur during use of the loader.” Machines, such as front-end loaders, hydraulic oils heat and cool during an average 24-hour operational period, which can impact recorded weight.

Applying the principles behind load cell temperature compensation, Instant Weighing has helped clients account for temperature fluctuations affecting weight readings.

Mr Sidney said a client experiencing this problem, engaged Instant Weighing for their Trade Approved COMPULOAD scale to load their four trailer road trains and haul ore some 500kms to port.

Mr Sidney said the COMPULOAD scale recorded the weights that were loaded onto the road train trailers and the comparison weights were recorded by a Western Australian port authority using belt weighers and surveying the loaded ship.

The following weighing results cannot always be guaranteed, but these were the weight results reported to us by our client.

“For the first shipment, the COMPULOAD scale recorded a total ore weight of 18,800t,” he said.

“The port authority recorded a difference of just 37t.

That is a weighing error of just 1/5 of 1%.

“On a second shipment, the COMPULOAD scale recorded a total ore weight of 20,070t, and the port authority recorded a difference of just 48t.

That is a weighing error of just 1/4 of 1%.

“COMPULOAD’s ability to temperature compensate has saved our customer substantial wear and tear of their equipment and expense while fulfilling their contracts.” This temperature compensation ability must be ordered as an optional extra when buying COMPULOAD scales.

Mr Sidney said the COMPULOAD 6000 scale can be programmed with specific target weights to stop the operator overloading axle groups, and the scale comes with the ability to electronically transmit loaded weight data back to the office computer, if loader is working within 3G, 4G reception. Again, when buying the scale, order this as an optional extra.

Meanwhile, to keep a finger on the ever-changing needs of the mineral resources sector, Instant Weighing staff routinely transport certified test masses around Western Australia to provide calibration services.

The proudly Australian company Atlas Weighing manufactures all their product domestically and has positioned itself as a fast and reliable product supplier and each State in Australia has a COMPULOAD distributor.

Mr Sidney said Australian-made products were particularly in demand, as global supply chain disruptions prompt more and more companies to buy local.

“We’re Australian owned and operated, The COMPULOAD scales are manufactured in Sydney and is uniquely positioned to provide high-quality service, no matter the global climate.

“And remember, you can utilize the Federal Government’s instant asset write-off until June 30, 2023.”     Just phone 1800 357 315 for WA or 1800 285 277 for the rest of Australia.

Disclaimer: The COMPULOAD scale has the optional extra to compensate for temperature fluctuations when weighing.

Instant Weighing passes the test!
In 2016, new laws were introduced regarding weighing sea containers (VGM) that are transported on water.

Aside from product supply, Instant Weighing is heavily involved in scale testing and supplying new scales used to determine the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) weight of an export sea container for the International Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMAS) new export sea container weighing laws.

Only the Federal Government National Measurement Institute (NMI) scale testing procedures and NMI certified test masses can be used during the AMSA testing process. SOLAS/AMSA audits have become very stringent, and the Instant Weighing test procedures and written reports have always passed AMSA Inspector audits.

The AMSA laws state that scales used to determine the VGM weight of a sea container do not have to be a Trade Approved scales but must be tested as if the scale was a trade approved scale for that specific type and capacity scale. This testing should be done annually.

NMI Trade Approved scale testing has a very complex set of rules which must be followed, and NMI Regulation 13 certified test masses must be used according to the AMSA testing rules. Many reports have been completed by people who do not hold the appropriate NMI scale testing license and have consequently failed an AMSA audit. The AMSA Inspector will insist on a company having the correct written test reports before they will finalize and approve their audit.


Instant Weighing calibration testing services stretch from Esperance to Derby, and the team visits these areas yearly at a minimum to engage with clients needs.


Temperature Compensation & Electronic Weight Data transfer are Optional Extras when ordering.