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Australian Made Compuload Scales

by | Apr 3, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

INSTANT WEIGHING – the WA distributor of the Australian made COMPULOAD scales, provides sales and calibration testing services throughout all WA, and gives excellent Australian support to all our customersINSIST ON COMPULOAD – the Australian-made scales when ordering your next machinery

Electronic Transmission of Weight Data via WIFI, 3G or 4G etc to a PC is now an available option. Know your output loadings by using the Australian-made COMPULOAD series of scales


Support the Federal Government’s 2020 budget direction by buying from and supporting Australian Industries. INSTANT WEIGHING sells the Australian-made COMPULOAD series of scales for front-end loaders, forklifts, telehandlers, and reach stackers to help you meet the above Australian laws.

Instant Weighing also sells and services the COBO excavator scales and the full range of top-quality Industrial Scales from Fine Balances to Weighbridges and the full range of scales in between. Example of the COMPULOAD Front End Loader Scales providing Accurate WeighingApplying the principles behind load cell temperature compensation, Instant Weighing has found a way to better compensate for the temperature changes that the scale on the front end loader experiences during its 24-hour day operation.

Comparisons of load weight as provided by our NW customer
In the following example, the front-end loader is parked up while waiting for the next road-train to arrive, as each road-train driver loads themselves. The front-end loader hydraulic oil therefore cools down.
Loading these road trains at the mine site occurs 24hrs a day with breaks between each road-train loading.

Our client obtains the weight of the ore loaded by using the TRADE APPROVED COMPULOAD front-end loader scale as they load their 4 trailer road trains to haul ore some 500kms to port. The COMPULOAD scale can be programmed with the maximum weight to be loaded onto each specified axle group of the side tipper trailers, to stop the operator overloading.

The second load weight is obtained by the port authority as they both load and survey the ship, and the following comparisons of weights were recorded and reported to us by our client.

1st shipment
The COMPULOAD scale recorded a total weight of the ore transported as 18,800t.
The port authority recorded a difference of just 37t. That is a weighing error of just 1/5 of 1%.

2nd shipment
The COMPULOAD scale recorded a total weight of the ore transported as 20,070t.

The port authority recorded a difference of just 48t. That is a weighing error of just 1/4 of 1%.COMPULOAD’s ability to temperature compensate has saved our customers substantial wear and tear on their equipment and expense while fulfilling their contracts.

The TRADE APPROVED COMPULOAD 6000 scale can be programmed with specific target weights for each individual identified axle group to stop the operator overloading.

The COPULOAD 6000 scales also have the optional ability to electronically transmit the loaded weight data back to the office PC via the ICLOUD INTERFACE SYSTEM provided the front-end loader is working
within either WIFI, 3G, 4G or 5G transmission areas.

New compulsory yearly SOLAS/AMSA scale testing laws for weighing (VGM) ocean-bound sea containers.

There are new laws from 2016 regarding weighing sea containers (VGM) that are transported on water.

Instant Weighing is also heavily involved in the testing of various existing scales and also supplies new scales that are used to determine the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) weight of an export sea container for
SOLAS/AMSA weighing purposes. Only NMI scale testing procedures and NMI-certified test masses can be used during the AMSA testing process. SOLAS/AMSA audits have become very stringent, and our test
procedures and written reports have always passed when the AMSA Inspector has conducted an audit.

The AMSA laws state that the scale used to determine the VGM weight of a container to be transported on water, does not have to be a “TRADE APPROVED scale” but must be tested as if it was a TRADE APPROVED scale for that type and capacity scale. NMI Trade Approved scale testing is a very complex set of rules. Both the National Measurement Institute (NMI) testing rules must be followed, and NMI Regulation 13 certified test masses must be used according to the AMSA testing rules.

This is why many written test reports that have been completed by persons who do not hold the appropriate NMI scale testing license have failed when lodged as part of the AMSA audit conducted by the AMSA Inspector. The AMSA Inspector will insist on your company having the correct written test reports before they will finalize and approve their audit.

Our calibration testing services covers the area of WA, from Esperance to Derby, and INSTANT WEIGHING visits these areas at least yearly or as and when required. These are some of our NMI Regulation 13 masses

Instant Weighing Is An Australian-owned Family Company. When The Opportunity Is Available, why Not Be Patriotic And Put Australian Companies And Products At The Top Of Your Buying List? Specify The Australian Made Compuload Series Of Scales When Next Ordering Scales For Your Loading Equipment


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