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Don’t Leave Safety At Sea

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Any business that deals with shipping containers knows the checks and balances that need to be made before they even leave their warehouse, never mind at the port itself. These regulations and container testing requirements are absolutely essential for every worker’s safety, on ship and on dock, but mistakes in this area can cost you dearly. Investing in a top quality container scale is now a vital step in accuracy in container weighing and ensuring a smooth operation.

Accuracy is Key

In order to guarantee a precise weight, and avoid any trouble at the last hurdle before it’s loaded, a reliable container scale needs to be an essential part of your business. Incorrect or inaccurate container weighing and scale testing can result in issues with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), and wind up costing you money.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we know a thing or two about quality scales and the NMI test and AMSA rules that are now required. We take pride in working with only the best suppliers and Compuload is a fellow Australian owned company whose brand we know and trust.

Our Quality Range of Container Scales 

We offer a wide range of Compuload’s top quality products, and can test, supply, install, and calibrate your new container scale for you. This range is one of only a few that can be installed onto Telehandlers or Reach Stackers, and include:

When it comes to heavy-duty container weighing, their Compuload 600 is a highly accurate digital dynamic weighing scale perfect for checking each container as it is loaded onto your trailer. It has the ability to collate weight data, align with a check system, and weigh the container in lifting or lowering mode.

Understanding the SOLAS Legislation 

Newly updated shipping and freighting legislation, known as Safety Of Life At Sea or SOLAS, means it is now legally required for shipping containers to weigh accurately as they leave or arrive at a shipping site, as well as confirmation of the weight of each container before it is loaded onto a ship.

While SOLAS is necessary for the safety of each ship and its crew, it does mean you now have a legal obligation to carry out accurate container weighing before it arrives at a port. Scale testing is also a key part of this legislation, as it requires you to do an initial test followed by annual testing on your container scales. The qualified team at Instant Weighing is trained in all relevant NMI rules and regulations and will ensure you are AMSA compliant.

What Instant Weighing Has to Offer You 

As a well-established family-owned business here in WA, we pride ourselves on offering our customers top quality products that are built to last. We work only with top brands, and can help find the right design, price, and industry speciality to suit your specific requirement. 

For more information on our range of shipping container scales, or to learn about our range of Australian made Compuload products, get in touch today to speak to a friendly member of our experienced team.