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Important Information For Forklift Distributors

by | Apr 3, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

COMPULOAD digital Forklift Scales so your customers can meet Australian Laws. The new AMSA laws are regarding the weighing of sea containers that are transported on water.

Instant Weighing is heavily involved in the testing of various existing scales and supplies new COMPULOAD scales used to determine the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) weight of an export sea container for SOLAS/AMSA weighing purposes. We supply COMPULOAD scales for all capacity forklifts & reach stackers.

The AMSA laws state that the scale used to determine the VGM weight of a container to be transported on water does not have to be a “TRADE APPROVED scale” but must be tested as if it was a TRADE APPROVED scale for that type and capacity scale. Only NMI scale testing procedures and NMI certified test masses can be used during the AMSA scale testing process. The AMSA audits have become very stringent, and our test procedures and written reports have always passed when the AMSA Inspector has conducted an audit.

Both the National Measurement Institute (NMI) testing rules must be followed, and NMI Regulation 13 certified test masses must be used according to the AMSA testing rules. The NMI Trade Approved scale testing is a very complex set of rules. This is why many written test reports that have been completed by persons who do not hold the appropriate NMI scale testing license, have failed when lodged as part of the AMSA audit conducted by the AMSA Inspector. The AMSA Inspector will insist on the company being audited, and having the correct written test reports before they will finalize and approve their audit.

AMSA Laws defines 2 methods of weighing to determine the sea containers VGM weight:

Method 1. Weighing the loaded sea container as one whole complete unit. (can be done using large forklifts or reach stackers fitted with scales).

Method 2. Record the weight of each individual pallet (using either forklift scales or pallet scales) as it is being placed into the sea container. Once all loading is completed, add the marked sea container TARE Weight of the container to the total recorded weight of all pallets. This gives the VGM weight.

Instant Weighing’s scale calibration services cover all of WA, from Esperance to Derby, areas which INSTANT WEIGHING visits at least yearly. Below are some of our NMI Regulation 13 test masses & our crane truck.

Instant Weighing Is An Australian-owned Family Company. When your customers require scales to meet either Chain of Responsibility (CoR); AMSA sea container weighing & NMI laws, please recommend COMPULOAD scales.

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