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LCFS – The Essential Scale for Your Forklift

by | Jul 15, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Digital Load Cell Forklift Weighing Scales (LCFS) for your forklifts up to 8t lifting capacity.

LCFS – The Essential Scale for Your Forklift

For many businesses, the Federal Laws such as:- 1. the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) Laws; 2. the National Measurement Institute (NMI) Laws, where freight/logistic companies use the weight of the pallet as the means to determine the freight costs (Trade Approved scales must be used to determine this weight); or 3. the SOLAS/AMSA weighing Laws (Method 2) when weighing the pallets as they are being loaded into an export sea container; makes the accuracy of your forklift scale, when weighing pallets to meet the requirements of the above laws, an essential tool that aids in the smooth operations of your business. Accurate weighing of your physical products is essential for cost control and documentation process. In this regard, weighing scales are an inevitable part of the warehouse equipment arsenal. Having the correct (LCFS) scale on your forklift, reduces the movement of your forklift around your premises when completing all its tasks. This is because the accurate scale is part of the moving forklift.

Forklifts are part and parcel of any warehouse. In this blog, let us explore the benefits of using the LCFS forklift scales (whether as a TRADE APPROVED or a NON-Trade Approved scale). The weight will be shown on the LCFS scale as soon as the pallet has been elevated only mm’s off the floor of the warehouse or off the decking of the transport vehicle.

The NON Trade Approved scale’s digital display units can come in 5 different displays, depending on the requirements of your company. From the very simple CL500, the waterproof CL320, the CL2000 which can accumulate a running total as you are loading/unloading, the CL5000, which can both accumulate and drive an onboard printer to the CL6000, which can store data under 3 directories, accumulate a running total as loading, and also drive an onboard printer. The TRADE APPROVED LCFS must have the CL420 digital indicator, the printer and other sensors to assist the operator when weighing.

Weight Measurement in Warehouses

Warehouses are zones of constant activity. Due to this, the forklifts are always in action. But the pallet scale is at only one location in the warehouse, which can be 100’s of metres away from the pallet handling location. To weigh a pallet on a pallet weighing scale involves both time and movement of the forklift. To weigh either when loading or unloading a vehicle, the operator must travel from the pickup point to the scales, places the pallet on the scales, then moves the forklift clear of the pallet & scale, write down the weight on the connote, then move forward again into the pallet, lift and travel’s to the final placement of the pallet. A lot of movements, time and wear and tear for the forklift.

Remember, with the LCFS, all weights can be recorded by the LCFS scale as soon as the pallet has been elevated only mm’s off the floor of the warehouse or off the decking of the transport vehicle, then straight to final location. (NO LOOKING FOR THE WAREHOUSE PALLET SCALE). LCFS forklift scales are a great solution for this.

Let’s check out more about them.

LCFS Scales for Forklifts- Installation and Operations

The LCFS forklift scales transform your ordinary forklift into an accurate weighing machine. Doesn’t this sound interesting? It is the ultimate forklift accessory that adds true value. With this forklift scale, you won’t require a separate weighing scale. It also takes away the hassle of unnecessary material movement whenever you want to transport something. But how do they work? Are they convenient? You might be having these questions in the mind.

The installation involves removing the forks from the carriage, (Class 2, 3, or 4) Then sliding the vertical orange load cell onto the carriage, then slide a fork onto the front of each of the 2 vertical load cells. Then install and supply power from the forklift to the digital display junction box and connect the cabling from the load cells also to the display junction box.

As the forks have been moved further forward from the carriage by some 120mm this does reduce the lifting capacity of your forklift. Your forklift service provider will recalculate the safe lifting capacity for you. The average is about a 15% loss in safe lifting capacity.

Advantages of the LCFS Forklift Weight Scales

Both TIME and WEAR & TEAR are lost money for any organization. Even slight savings in time and especially the reduced forklift movement costs, can bring huge cost savings for your company. Plus, protecting your staff from the consequences of the 3 above LAWS is peace of mind. The main advantages of forklift scales are,


The LCFS scales can achieve accuracies of +/- 2kg up to 2t and +/- 5kg up to 8t

The digital display shows the weight of the pallets when lifted. This helps in accurate weighing without the need for internal forklift movement around the warehouse. The TRADE APPROVED model is essential and lawful for freight or logistic companies who use the weight from the forklift scale when written on the connote and the connote weight is used to calculate the transportation costs. IMPORTANT:- All forklift scales (digital or analogue) that work off the forklifts hydraulic system are NOT A TRADE APPROVED SCALE, and the weight show by these scales cannot legally be used to calculate freight costs. This is a very important subject matter.


The significance of LCFS forklift scales is their capability to save time AND THEIR ACCURACY. They help in avoiding extra forklift movements. This has a considerable impact on productivity.

Cost Savings

Due to the inbuilt system, this greatly reduces the forklift movements around the warehouse by not having to drive to the pallet scale on the floor somewhere in the warehouse and all the forklift movements involved at the floor scales, which can be many meters away from the loading/unloading location. This reduces the labour cost.


Warehouses and factories associated with the Freight and Logistic companies are often zones of intense activity.  Simultaneous activities coupled with constant material movement can lead to chaos. A LCFS forklift scale is a real saver in these situations. It offers maximum flexibility for smooth operations.

An LCFS Forklift scale is a piece of essential equipment for your forklift. But always pick the best model based on your requirement. Like any equipment, they need routine calibration and servicing. For this, always select a provider capable of district-run calibration and maintenance services. Instant Weighing is a pioneer in the supply, calibration, and service of forklift scales. With more than 25 years of experience and well-trained staff, they are capable of providing excellent service.