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Level Up Your Forklift

by | Nov 24, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

For any business, accuracy is a core value that aids smooth operations. Accurate measurement of physical products is essential for the cost control and documentation process. In this regard, weighing scales are an inevitable part of the warehouse equipment arsenal. This is applicable to both raw materials and finished products. As the transportation charges depend on weight, efficiency in weighing impacts overall profitability.

Forklifts are part and parcel of any warehouse. So are huge weighing scales. Nowadays, there are new types of weighing scales available in the market. These can be directly attached to forklifts. In this blog, let us explore the benefits of using such forklift scales.

Weight Measurement in Warehouses

Warehouses are zones of constant activity. There is always material movement to and from the facilities. They are also the key storage space for raw materials, products, and accessories. Due to this, in warehouses, forklifts are always in action. But every incoming and outgoing material needs to reflect in the records. Weight measurement is the prime metric that is recorded during these material movements.  This is crucial for any business to determine material loss, stock, and transportation charges.

Usually, warehouses deal with tonnes of materials daily. They normally have special weighing machines for measurement. But the material is often transported to the weighing scale using a forklift. This is a time-consuming activity. It also requires extra labour. In any case, this is challenging and costly for companies. Forklift scales are a great solution for this. Let’s check out more about them.

Scales for Forklifts- Installation and Operations

Forklift scales transform your ordinary forklift into a weighing machine plus carriage vehicle. Doesn’t this sound interesting? It is the ultimate forklift accessory that adds true value. With this forklift scale, you won’t require a separate weighing scale. It also takes away the hassle of unnecessary material movement whenever you want to transport something. But how do they work? Are they convenient? You might be having these questions in your mind.

The forklift scales are very convenient and easy to install. For the installation, you only need to change the normal carriage of the existing lift truck. Instead of the old carriage, attach a new carriage with a weight measurement system. Then you can attach the forks of the truck to this carriage. The weighing apparatus also comes with an inbuilt display system. This provides real-time readings to the operator. In very advanced systems, there are options such as Wi-Fi connectivity for online data transmission. In any case, a forklift scale is capable of transforming your warehouse/factory operations.

Advantages of Forklift Scales

Time is money for any organization. Even slight savings in time can bring huge cost savings. Forklift scales are a valuable asset for a company. The main advantages of forklift scales are,

  • Accuracy

The inbuilt system records the weight of the packages when it is lifted. This helps in accurate measurement without the need for internal material movement. In this way, you can determine a loss of material in the warehouse due to theft or damage. The same is applicable during billing. It helps in recording accurate weight measurements.

  • Productivity

The significance of forklift scales is their capability to save time. They help in avoiding extra material movement. This has a considerable impact on productivity.

  • Cost Savings

Due to the inbuilt system, the truck operator can handle the entire activity alone. This reduces the labour cost. Moreover, Wi-Fi-based systems offer even better operations with automatic data transmission. It also minimizes the need for multiple types of equipment and reduces costs.

  • Flexibility

Warehouses and factories are often zones of intense activity.  Simultaneous activities coupled with constant material movement can lead to chaos. A forklift is a real saver in these situations. It offers maximum flexibility for smooth operations.

Choosing a Trusted Forklift Scale Supplier

A forklift scale is a piece of essential equipment for your warehouse/factory. But always pick the best model based on your requirement. Like any equipment, they need routine calibration and servicing. For this, always select a local partner capable of prompt calibration and maintenance services. This also helps in hassle-free installation. Instant Weighing is a pioneer in the supply, calibration, and service of forklift scales. With more than 25 years of experience and well-trained staff, they are capable of providing excellent service.