Value Parcel Scales EM Series


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If you need, on top of affordability, a solid, durable scale with just enough functions to ensure suitable weighing, you have found the right one.

Here are 10 benefits that you can gain from the EM Series:

  • High Accuracy and three selectable resolutions (only one range can be selected at a time)
  • Clearly visible display with white backlight
  • Stable field operation using a rechargeable battery
  • Easy carrying thanks to lightweight body
  • Enhanced safety to hemming processing on weighing pan
  • Hygienic, stainless steel weighing pan
  • Auto power off as a power saving function
  • 360-Degree Indicator to see the display from the side or back (cannot be rotated over 360°
  • Convenient counting function to calculate quantities
  • Extendability with various accessories

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  • High Resolution Mode Selectable: 5g Accuracy on EM-30KAM, 10g Accuracy on EM-60KAL, 20g Accuracy on EM-150KAL, 50g Accuracy on EM-300KAX
  • Clearly Visible Display with White Backlight
  • Battery Powered (Battery can be charged while the scale is in use)
  • Portable Lightweight Body
  • Auto Power Off (scale switches off automatically after a period of inactivity)
  • Optional RS232C Interface (FG-23)
  • Rotating Indicator (to improve viewing display from the back or side)
  • Three Platform Sizes (300 x 350 mm [EM-30KAM],400 x 500 mm [EM-60KAL & EM-150KAL] 500 x 600 mm [EM-300KAX])
  • Convenient Counting Function (able to count the number of objects with the same weight, based on a predetermined unit weight)
  • Optional Tilting Indicator Bracket (for a wider viewing angle)
  • Non Trade Scale
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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 65 × 46 × 19 cm

EM-150KAL, EM-300KAX, EM-30KAM, EM-60KAL


0.002 kg, 0.005 kg, 0.010 kg, 0.005 kg, 0.010 kg, 0.020 kg, 0.010 kg, 0.020 kg, 0.050 kg, 0.020 kg, 0.050 kg, 0.100 kg


150kg, 300kg, 30kg, 60kg

Pan Size (mm) W x D

300 x 350 mm, 400 x 500 mm, 500 x 600 mm

Trade Approved Scale

Not Trade Approved


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