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When tendering for a front end loader with scales

by | Apr 3, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Instant Weighing is the State Distributor of the Australian-made COMPULOAD series of front-end loader scales for your new Council’s front-end loaders. Instant Weighing also provides (at a fee) onsite annual calibration testing and written reports.

When Council is preparing the tender document for a new front-end loader the following should be considered when determining if scales should be part of that tender. This is to help Council management meet the Chain of Responsibility laws (staff not overloading your vehicles) and the Federal Governments laws – if the weights recorded by the scale are used to determine either a buy or sell price (see point 3).

  1. Is this tender a WALGA tender (by invitation only) or a Public tender open to all Machinery Dealers to respond to?
  2. If a WALGA tender would you be prepared to let Instant Weighing know which Machinery Dealers, Council has asked to participate so that Instant Weighing can provide quotes to those Machinery Dealers only for the Australian-made COMPULOAD series of front-end loader scales?
  3. If you are a Country Council, does Council seek to buy gravel, sand etc for farmers for road construction or road repairs? If yes, does Council use the weights displayed on the scale as part of the formula to calculate the amount payable to the farmer for the products quarried from their property? By Federal Government Laws the scale to do this must be a TRADE APPROVED scale which is our COMPULOAD 6000 scale is. (the COMPULOAD 6000 can be sold either as a TRADE APPROVED or as a NON Trade Approved scale)
  4. The COMPULOAD 6000 can both store weight data against following entered data (and print a docket (see point 5)) showing data such as
  • Date and Time the loading commenced.
  • Council Allocated Job Number
  • Type of Products loaded
  • Rego Nos. of the trucks loaded
  1. The COMPULOAD 4070 onboard printer allows a weight docket showing all bucket loads and other saved data, date and time in full (which can be given to the truck driver in case he meets up with the Main Roads Department) and the operator can request an optional second summary docket for the loader driver records (if required).
  2. If the loader is operating in either 3G or 4G coverage, the COMPULOAD 6000 scale can now electronically transmit (via iCLOUD) all weight data back to an office PC at the same time as the loading of the truck is completed and optional docket is printed. (Your Works Supervisor can monitor all works in process from his desk)
  3. The COMPULOAD 6000 has a USB which allows stored data to be downloaded onto a USB stick and taken back to an office PC
  4. The COMPULOAD 2000MKII dynamic weighing scale and COMPULOAD 4070 onboard printer is the other COMPULOAD scale available if either Data Storage, or a TRADE APPROVED scale is not required as part of your front-end loader tender.

If any of the above raises questions that need to be answered, call Instant Weighing on 1800 357 315 for the answers

All the best with your Council’s tendering process